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Globular Cluster CMP2 Comfortable Mod for PS VR 2 - Sweet Spot Keeper- Weight Balancer-Soft Forehead Pad-Bigger Softer Anti-Slip Rear Pad

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Your PSVR 2 comfort can be improved to a new level 

History Updates

Update 1# May 18, first production sold out

Update 2# May 25, samples of soft fabric forehead pad and rear pad were received from the supplier and will be added and shipped together in the comfortable mod kit, perfect for those playing long sessions and sweating a lot in VR gaming

Updates 3# June 10, the padded top strap was added to the comfortable kit to enable the user to decrease the forehead tightness needed to keep the sweet spot stable

Updates 4# June 20, added a cooling gel layer into the PU pads and fabric pads that are expected to be good for heat disphere 

Updates 5#  July 9, started shipping the first production order

Updates 6# July 14, install video guide posted on Youtube here

Updates 7# July 21, the second batch was open to order 

Updates 8# July 26, the second batch was sold out 

Updates 9# August 17, the 3rd batch was sold out, started to work on a V2 to address several feedback from customers to make it even better

Updates 10# Sept 20, after 1 month of working/perfecting, V2 is ready and open to order, updates include a new height-adjustable rear adapter and a new lighter & clip more securely forehead adapter plus a new silicon rear cover. All V1 early supporters are eligible for a free upgrade of the V2 new parts, please claim yours by emailing support@globular-cluster.com

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Video Install Guide


Head Pressure Test/Compare of PS VR1 v.s. PS VR2 v.s. Rift S v.s. Quest Pro (Hola Strap VR Headsets)




Key Improvements of the CMP2 mod

  • Sweet spot keeper
    On stock PSVR 2, the sweet spot is not easy to keep because stock pads are made from slicky/smooth silicon, and the front is heavier than the back, so tends to slip down. The CMP2 mod fixes this by applying an anti-slip rear pad which is much bigger and provides more grip,  also a top strap is offered to help pull the front and prevent it from slipping down. 
  • Forehead pressure relief, weight balance/distribution
    Stock PSVR 2 does not have a top strap as Quest 2/Valve Index/Pico 4, all weights are mainly on the forehead, to keep the sweet spot and the whole headset stable, the tightness/pressure(adjusted by the knob on the rear band) needs to be very big,  and because the stock forehead pads are silicon + hard plastic, it causes pain on the forehead for long sessions. The Globular Cluster CMP2 provides a padded top strap, which distributes some weight from the forehead to the top of the head, and helps stop the forehead from slipping down, so forehead pressure/tightness needed for stability is reduced largely. What's more,  soft forehead pads are provided in the mod which are more comfortable. 
  • Sweat/hot solution 
    In summer season/fitness gaming, many users sweat a lot in VR, the stock forehead pad is made from silicon, which is not sweat absorbing, sweat may flow into the body of the PSVR 2. The Globular Cluster CMP2 provides 3 different material forehead pads, two of which are sweat absorbing and washable, the left is sweat proof which is easy to clean. Fit different situations /seasons/user preferences. Besides, a cooling gel layer is added to the breathable fabric pads and the PU pads, expected to be better for heat dispersion compared to PU pads from other brands

Product Identifier Info:

  • UPC Code:607816331368


Warranty and Return Policy

  • 1-year warranty after delivery
  • 7 days no question asked return policy after delivery